• 200 Novner Drive

    Cincinnati, Ohio 45215



    • Through Hole: Automated Insertion and Hand Assy
    • Surface Mount: Automated Paste, Place and Reflow
    • Surface Mount: Automated Pick and Place
    • Full Testing: In-Circuit (GenRad) and Functional
    • Build to print options available
    • Conformal Coating: Top and Bottom, Various Coatings
    • 100 - 100,000 PCB Assemblies per Order
    • Yearly Blanket Orders: Flexible Delivery, JIT, Kanban
    • Sustaining Engineering: Component Support and Engineering Modifications
    • Full Documentation Maintained for Products
    • Written Process Documentation and Quality Procedures
    • Production Flow Accounting and Tracking
    • IPC-A-610-C Assembly Standards
    • RoHS compliant or traditional leaded solder units