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  • New and intresting things going on at DFE

    While we at D F Electronics strive to deliver the best quality products and services, our website is no exception.  We have reconstructed our website with a fresh new look.

  • Our new Stencil Printer

    D F Electronics has added new MPM 100 stencil printers to our surface mount lines. These in-line printers are fully programmable for all of the print parameters. Vision alignment of the boards to the stencil controls the paste deposit accuracy to +- 20 microns. These printers have solder paste inspection to verify paste deposits in critical areas. Printing accuracy, speed and operator involvement have all been dramatically improved.

  • Laughton (Larry) Fine

    D F Electronics is sad to announce that our President, Laughton (Larry) Fine is officially stepping down as President due to health constraints.

    Running this company he has passed to his son and daughter, Donald (Don) Fine, and Ann. They have been working closely with Larry towards this transition for the last few years. Since March, when Larry was physically unable to be here daily, they have been handling the day to day operations of the company.